Club Info

As far as can be ascertained, the club began its activities in 1926. 

Starting as a mid-week side, the club’s popularity soon grew and it wasn’t long until it was able to field two Saturday teams. Following the WWII the club continued to grow and by 1950 had relocated twice, from Cliftonville to Margate and then finally to Ramsgate.

The club has always maintained a full social calendar. Players have enjoyed many tours to the continent as well as hosting and attending festivals in the UK. In the 1970s, the club was host to The Thanet Festival – the largest festival of its kind in the world.

In its more recent history the club has been joined by the Thanetians (1980), Ramsgate Ladies (1983 – marking the formation of the first Ladies section) and Westgate Ladies (2007).

The club has enjoyed success on the hockey field at all levels. Over the years a number of Cliftonville players also have gone on to play hockey at County, National, International and Olympic level.

Important People

Founder : S.P. Glenn

President: T. Westby

Past Presidents:

  • T. R. Hume
  • P. Firminger,
  • J. Robinson

Vice Presidents:

  • S. Jones
  • N. J. Alder
  • D. Ash
  • P. Bailey
  • S. D. Ballard
  • S. M. Ballard
  • Mrs T. Ballard
  • D. Burney
  • C. Burton
  • J. Carr
  • Mrs J. Cobb
  • P. Cobb
  • A. Cox
  • T.K. Devon
  • N. Elliott
  • R. Fleet
  • T. Gilliland
  • J. Goatcher
  • N. Jones
  • N. Leach-Bing
  • M. Linington
  • J. Lowden
  • M. Paine
  • R. Setterfield
  • G. Sneller
  • K. Stephens
  • F.J. Thomas
  • G. Voizey
  • Mrs L. Wells
  • M. Yates

Honorary Life Members:

  • N. Alder
  • D. Ash
  • J. Carr
  • J. Parkin
  • C. Burton