Fri. May 27th, 2022

Ladies 1st XI – 21/22

While every effort will be made to keep these details up-to-date, please ensure you take the details from your Captain…

League Pos
25-09-2112:00CT11 7AA REDCliftonville 1Holcombe 21-5 (C.Wayman)11
02-10-2112:00ME1 3ELREDOld Will’s 1Cliftonville 13-2 (C.Bradley, R.Ruocco-Buchanan, J.Chapman)7
09-10-2112:00CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 1Sevenoaks 44-4 (J.Walker, R.Ruocco-Buchanan x3)6
16-10-2113:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 1Sevenoaks 51-3 (R.Young)8
30-10-2113:30DA15 9AWBLUEBurnt Ash 2Cliftonville 13-2 (T.Ballard, C.Wayman x2)7
06-11-2110:30CT11 7AA REDCliftonville 1Gravesend 12-1 (J.Walker x2)6
13-11-2111:30ME15 6AZREDMaidstone 2Cliftonville 10-16
20-11-2112:00CT11 7AA REDCliftonville 1Sittingbourne 10-17
27-11-2111:30TN25 4EBRED*Ashford 2Cliftonville 12-1 (R.Young, R.Ruocco-Buchanan)
04-12-2112:00CT11 7AA REDCliftonville 1F.Optimist 22-1 K.Constantine, J.Walker)6
11-12-2112:15ME7 3ANREDAnchorians 1Cliftonville 12-8 (R.Ruocco-Buchanan, R.Young) 7
15-01-2210:30ME1 2TQBLUEHolcombe 2Cliftonville 10-27
22-01-2212:00CT11 7AA RED Cliftonville 1Old Will’s 11-2 (K.Constantine)7
29-01-2212:00TN14 6AERED Sevenoaks 4Cliftonville 11-3 (A.Elliott)
05-02-2212:00TN13 3UXRED Sevenoaks 5Cliftonville 1HWO8
12-02-2212:00CT11 7AA RED Cliftonville 1Burnt Ash 22-1 (J.Chapman, A.Dilkes)7
26-02-2213:15DA12 2TLBLUEGravesend 1Cliftonville 11-2 (C.Wynn)8
05-03-2210:30CT11 7AA RED Cliftonville 1Maidstone 24-1 (C.Wayman, K.Constantine, K.Alder, J.Chapman)8
12-03-2210:30ME10 4DBBLUESittingbourne 1Cliftonville 12-2 (J.Walker, R.Ruocco-Buchanan)7
19-03-2210:30CT11 7AA RED Cliftonville 1Ashford 20-28
26-03-2211:00CT19 5JURED F.Optimist 2Cliftonville 13-3 (K.Alder, A.Elliott, R.Ruocco-Buchanan)8
02-04-2213:30CT11 7AA RED Cliftonville 1Anchorians 10-38

* Ashford play in BLUE kit and RED socks