Fri. May 27th, 2022

Ladies 2nd XI 20/21

Final standing (league cancelled – Covid) – 3rd from 12

Gillingham Anchorians Ladies’ 3rd Xl26.09.20 W2-0H
Herne Bay Ladies’ 3rd XI03.10.20 L0:1A
Folkestone Optimist Ladies’ 4s10.10.20 D1-1H
Gravesend Ladies’ 2s17.10.20 W3-0A
Bromley and Beckenham Womens 4s24.10.20 W1-0H
Holcombe Ladies’ 4s31.10.20 W2-1A
Tunbridge Wells Ladies’ 3s07.11.20 11:45H
Burnt Ash (Bexley) Ladies’ 5th14.11.20 10:15H
Sevenoaks Ladies’ 7s21.11.2011:30A
Marden Russets Ladies’ 3rd28.11.20 11:45H
Dartford Ladies’ 2s05.12.20 10:15H
Gillingham Anchorians Ladies’ 3rd Xl09.01.21 10:45A
Herne Bay Ladies’ 3rd XI16.01.21 10:15H
Folkestone Optimist Ladies’ 4s23.01.21 13:00A
Gravesend Ladies’ 2s30.01.21 10:15H
Bromley and Beckenham Womens 4s06.02.21A
Holcombe Ladies’ 4s20.02.21 10:15H
Tunbridge Wells Ladies’ 3s27.02.21A
Burnt Ash (Bexley) Ladies’ 5th XI06.03.2115:30A
Sevenoaks Ladies’ 7s13.03.21 11:45H
Marden Russets Ladies’ 3s20.03.21A
Dartford Ladies’ 2s27.03.21 10:15A