Fri. May 27th, 2022

Men’s 2nd XI – 21/22

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League Pos
25-09-2111:45DA12 2TLREDG & W 2Cliftonville 21-3 (G.Kidd)9
02-10-21-PP-CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Sevenoaks 7
09-10-2115:00DA1 2LYBLUEBurnt Ash 4Cliftonville 21-7 (C.Morgan, S.Hooper x2, R.Macer, M.Palmer, R.Dunn x2)7
16-10-2111:00CT19 5JUREDOptimist 4Cliftonville 20-1 (D.Mees)4
23-10-2112:00CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Sevenoaks 73-3 (G.Kidd, S.Hooper x2)
30-10-2112:00CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Hawks4-2 (M.Palmer, S.Hooper, J.Parrish, J.Provins)4
06-11-2115:00ME10 1PFREDGore Court 4Cliftonville 24-0 (R.Macer, C.Morgan, R.Dunn, S.Hooper)2
13-11-2110:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Russets 43-1 (S.Hooper, D.Mees, N.Naisbitt) 2
20-11-2115:00SE9 2UGBLUE*B & OE 5Cliftonville 23-2 (S.Hooper, R.Dunn, D.Hooper)2
27-11-2110:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Deal 24-1 (O.Sommer, J.Tylinda, S.Hooper)
04-12-21CT6 5DNREDHerne Bay 4Cliftonville 22-1 (A.Hume, M.Hooper)2
11-12-2112:00CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Holcombe 61-1 (R.Macer)2
15-01-2212:00CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2G & W 25-0 (J.Provins D.Mees x2 – HWO awarded)2
22-01-2213:30TN13 3SLREDSevenoaks 7Cliftonville 22-2 (N.Naisbitt, J.Provins)2
29-01-2212:00CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Burnt Ash 44-0 (S.Hooper x2, D.Mees x2)
05-02-2210:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Optimist 48-0 (J.Provins x3, H.Coleman, D.Mees, T.Muchemwa, D.Hooper, S.Hooper)2
12-02-2212:00ME1 2TQBLUEHawksCliftonville 22-0 (S.Hooper, A.Austerberry)2
26-02-2210:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Gore Court 45-0 (B.Eliot x2, D.Mees x2, C.Morgan)2
05-03-2216:00TN12 9AGREDRussets 4Cliftonville 22-0 (T.Muchemwa, S.Hooper) 2
12-03-2213:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2B & OE 54-0 (TBC)2
19-03-2211:30CT15 5EQREDDeal 2Cliftonville 22-1 (D.Hooper, D.Mees)2
26-03-2210:30CT11 7AAREDCliftonville 2Herne Bay 411-0 (D.Mees x5, S.Hooper x2, R.Dunn x2, J.Provins, D.Hooper)2
02-04-2212:30ME1 2TQBLUEHolcombe 6Cliftonville 21-0 (S.Hooper)1