Sat. May 28th, 2022

Welcome back to Cliftonville’s website!

Mixed training is running for four weekly sessions, starting on Wednesday 16th June. The sessions will be one hour, and start promptly at 7:30pm – but please don’t arrive before 7:15pm! Everyone over the age of 13 is welcome, and we have a new event page to celebrate. Keep reading to find links to our ticketing site. Please note – the name “mixed” denotes a men’s session AND a ladies’ session on the same pitch, just separate groups

Please remember to be Covid-Savvy!

Wednesday 16th June, 7:30pm: (CLOSED)

Wednesday 23rd June, 7:30pm: (on sale Friday 18th June, midday) (CLOSED)

Wednesday 30th June, 7:30pm: (on sale Friday 25th June, midday) (CLOSED)

Wednesday 7th July, 7:30pm: (on sale Friday 2nd July, midday) BUY TICKETS *Postponed…

Wednesday 14th July, 7:30pm: (on sale Friday 9th July, midday) BUY TICKETS

(sales for all tickets close on the day of the event at 4pm)