Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Moving to Step 5

After the announcement on 7 August to move to Step 4 and update given on the decision making for Step 5, England Hockey has set out the plan for Step 5 and the resumption of competitive hockey.

For Cliftonville HC, this means our adult league fixtures and junior training can start w/c Monday 21st. We appointed a Covid Officer back in August for Step 4 and, following extensive discussions surrounding kit, pitch access, etc, the Committee have used the England Hockey guidance to maximise the safety of all attendees. Our Covid Officer is Nick Jones – he can be contacted by email []. This section gets quite wordy, but please ensure you read it and comply with the rules. With regard to the following points, the term “session” means live hockey, either training or matches.

We will be strict. We have to be. Covid-19 is a serious illness. We want you to be safe. So please, follow the instructions below…

  • If you haven’t already, you need to complete the England Hockey Track & Trace form.
  • Complete a Cliftonville Hockey Club Membership form.
  • Head over to the Shop to pay your initial Subscription to the club (from Sunday 20th September)
  • Each session (training, home matches and away matches) will require a ticket, which is only available online via our shop. You will be turned away without proof of purchase. The tickets for the week ahead will be made available by the Sunday evening at the latest.
  • Each session has a limited availability and will not be exceeded. Tickets are non-transferable. However, refunds, transfers, and alterations may be considered on an individual basis. Please speak to your team organiser/captain/coach if you are unable to attend a session you have booked.
  • Where sessions are scheduled back to back, the players involved in the first session must aim to leave the playing area swiftly whilst remaining suitably distanced from each other. The players of the second session will be instructed by a senior club official to wait (socially distanced) outside the playing cage to allow all participants of the first session to leave safely before entering the playing cage / dugouts.
  • We have registered our venue with the NHS App. Download it here, and check-in via the QR code each time you visit.
  • Sanitise. Regularly. There is plenty available in the central dugout.
  • Further information is contained in the posters. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the contents.

You’ve made it this far down the page? You hero! Thank you.