Sat. May 28th, 2022

It’s half term for most. At Clifton-vile Towers, discussions were had about training.

Adult training is on. Junior training is having a break – we’ll be back after half term.

Ticket Links: Ladies / Men’s

Update from the Committee:
There have been occasions when players have not bought a ticket for training or for playing in a match. The Committee have decided to keep the shop open for as long as the website allows (once sales have ended, it cannot now be reopened) so that tickets can and will be bought before participating. This is for our financial records, our attendance records, and our Covid records. In future there will be no refunds or carry overs for missing a session.

SOCIAL: 30th October – B-eerie Olympics

Nothing to be scared about… Honest! Are you a Count Drinkula? Can you take a Franken-Stein of beer? Focussed on all things Halloweeny, this event is sure to wake up a graveyard. Fancy dress is optional. More details emerging from the mists very soon!